• Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW)



    Reporting to the Director of Treatment Services, this position will be responsible for providing therapy and treatment including: completing comprehensive assessment and DSM diagnoses of clients’ biopsychosocial history and treatment requirements and developing individualized treatment plans; providing individual and group counseling, education programs in accordance with treatment plan; documenting treatment and discharge plans and clients’ progress and response to treatment and maintains related records and files; and performing case management and to client care monitoring.


    • Completes comprehensive assessment within program guidelines and formulates a diagnostic impression by conducting client and /family interviews and identifying strengths, weakness, problems, and needs, for the development of a treatment plan;
    • Prepares individualized treatment plan, in accordance with established standards and deadlines, consistent with assessment and in conjunction with clients and supervisor, to include goals, intervention, necessary support or referral service.
    • Evaluates client response to treatment and modifies treatment plan or recommends treatment extensions as circumstances require;
    • Develops clients discharge plans which integrate aftercare treatment and utilization of appropriate referral resources.
    • Coordinates discharges with court officers, social service agencies, or community organizations as appropriate or required;
    • Conducts individual counseling sessions with clients in accordance with treatment plan, or as necessary for crises intervention; provides clients with feedback support or encouragement or to address behaviors and attitudes, or family, social or personal problems;
    • Prepares and conducts group counseling utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), and Therapeutic Community Counseling (TC). Facilitates discussion and interaction and enables group members to understand and accept responsibility for recovery process and acquire necessary coping and behavior management skills
    • Prepares and conducts educational program and lectures on scheduled topics related to relapse prevention, life skills, problem solving, anger management and domestic violence and so forth;
    • Documents treatment plans, narratives progress notes intervention treatment evaluations, discharge summaries, treatment plan reviews, and so forth; and maintains clients records and charts in accordance with organizational regulatory accreditations and contractual standards;
    • Maintains regular communication verbally and in written form with client family members or guardian, probation officers, case workers, court offices, insurance providers, and so forth: to relay reports and other information for the continuity of care;
    • Performs case management and services as client advocate, by obtaining, coordinating and scheduling additional medical, dental, or psychiatric treatment: or other legal, social services, education, employment or other community organization services. Maintains rapport with local community resources to ensure effective referral options and contacts;
    • Attends job specific trainings sessions offered within and outside of organization to enhance job skills and knowledge;
    • Responsible for maintaining a healthy & safe environment at all times through the performance of their duties.


    • Desire 5 or more years of work experience in behavior health field
    • Master’s degree in behavior health field
    • Ability to effectively work in team environment
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Ability to establish and maintain working relationships
    • Ability to work with and supervise others
    • Basic computer literacy and use of computers i.e.; e-mail and word processing

    Required Credentials: LCSW, LPC

    • Licensed Certified Social Worker, in good standing
    • Licensed Professional Counselor, in good standing

    Tydal Sun