Medication Assisted Treatment

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Medication Assisted Treatment

Opiates are a powerful class of drugs that include morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, heroin, methadone and codeine. Many of these are medications commonly used to control severe pain. However, when abused, these drugs can produce intense euphoria (high), cravings and withdrawal symptoms that lead to drug addiction.

Opiate addiction often begins with a legitimate prescription, rather than recreational use. This can make the roots of opiate addiction different from other drug addiction. In fact, the individual usually is surprised and shocked to learn that he/she cannot stop using the opiate drug. However, when this happens, opiate addiction follows the same course as any other drug addiction.

Addiction is a chronic, primary disease. Untreated, it causes significant losses (social, financial, medical, and psychological), legal problems and ultimately a drug-related death. Alone, it is very difficult to quit opiates. Opiates produce both psychological and physical dependence. The result is a cycle of hunting for the drug; using the drug; recovering from the effects of the drug; and hunting for more drugs.

However, THERE IS HOPE! A special drug is available (Suboxone) to break this cycle and to provide the addict valuable time to address their addiction free of craving and withdrawal!

Suboxone is a medication that is similar to other opiate drugs but it produces no euphoria when used as prescribed. It works in the brain to prevent the drug craving and withdrawal symptoms that drive opiate addicts to relapse. Relief from craving and withdrawal occurs shortly after the first dose. Suboxone works best when paired with counseling as life changes are required to achieve long term recovery. Quapaw House pairs Suboxone with individual sessions and group counseling.

New Patient Information

New patients must contact the clinic before arriving for your first visit. Please have any insurance information available at that time. Clinic times, self-pay fee schedules, and location/phone number is listed below.

Your first appointment will be $250. You will return to the clinic once every four (4) weeks. Those visits are $150. We do accept private insurance (based on policy eligibility).

Other requirements to participate in this program are explained when you call or at first clinic. You must agree to meet clinic requirements to become a patient at the clinic.