Traditional Outpatient


Traditional Outpatient

Outpatient Treatment is a 12 week program consisting of 2 groups each week. Groups are available in daytime or evening hours for client convenience. Each client will have an individual Counseling session with a counselor or therapist every 2 weeks. The QHI Center Outpatient Program uses Change Company, Matrix Model, & Living in Balance evidence based curriculum. The client's education consists of both group and individual counseling and clients are taught to recognize their own personal high-risk situations that may cause relapse, and learn how to deal with them.

We administer nationally recognized Multidimensional Addictions and Personality Profile (MAPP) assessments as needed for EAP referrals, probation officers, courts, DHS, or any other entity that needs an assessment. The test is administered and scored by a certified alcohol and drug counselor.

To increase the likelihood of long term sobriety we suggest each client attend 12 step meetings of their choice and get a sponsor in order to work a personal program of recovery during an after their treatment.

Please ask about Transitional Chemical Free Living available to Outpatient clients.