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It is with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to Quapaw House, Inc. Quapaw House, Inc. is dedicated to clinical excellence and the highest quality client services for both adults and adolescents struggling with alcoholism and chemical dependency.

We have provided treatment services for over 30 years and believe in the value and dignity of each person, client and co-worker alike, to be treated with respect, genuine personal concern and compassion.

Our vision and mission statement is located below and for each program and service we offer we look to serve our clients by “creating an environment where people are valued, respected and cared for".

Our Mission Statement

Quapaw House, Inc. is dedicated to compassionately providing comprehensive behavioral health prevention, treatment, and education services to clients, families and communities we serve.QHI is committed to providing high quality affordable programs that utilize a therapeutic and holistic approach that enriches the lives and quality of life of the clients served.

Our Vision Statement

Quapaw House, Inc. will be the premier behavioral healthcare and community based organization that responds to the needs of the community it serves. QHI will be recognized for its commitment to service excellence and quality treatment that it provides to adults, adolescents, children and families in its care. QHI will deliver outstanding individualized treatment with clinical care of unsurpassed quality while supporting a knowledgeable, skilled and caring professional staff.

Quapaw House, Inc. considers itself a holistic community organization that not only provides treatment services for your entire family, but other community based programs including quality child care services, substance abuse prevention and education programs, school based programs and a community center that hosts community events, provides recreational activities and exercise areas with scheduled classes.

We understand that the use of substances is not always the entire problem to living a wholesome and sober life of recovery and because of that we work to remove any and all barriers you might have to living a life in recovery.

We are pleased that you have decided to visit our website and hope that you or a loved one consider becoming a part of our treatment and recovery community. Our dedicated staff are ready and committed to serving you or your loved one and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. We are proud of the care we have provided to the individuals who have entrusted their lives to us at Quapaw House, Inc. We are humbled by the lasting impact these clients, family and friends have had on our lives and by the work still to be done and would be honored to serve you or your loved one in one of our treatment centers or programs.

Thank you,

Casey Bright
Executive Director,  Quapaw House Inc.


Casey Bright
Chief Executive Officer

Jessica Ellis
Director of Performance Improvement

Teri Zaner
Director of Finance

Phil Keller
Management Consultant & Corporate Compliance Officer

Katie Barnett
Director of Human Resources - Quapaw Community Center

Chris Sutterfield
Director of Outpatient Business Development

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